Heiko Ryu Goju Karate Melbourne

2 great locations: Glen Waverley and Keysborough

The Heiko Ryu Karate Club practices what we call Ancestral Goju Ryu. We work towards what we think of as Best Practice Karate. This involves

  1. A direct link to some of the foremost karate masters of the past and present.
  2. An aspiration to become better human beings through training.
  3. The cultivation of classical and more recent practices with outstanding defensive capabilities.

Karate for Kids

Karate Kids

All three aims, of character development, physical conditioning, and appropriate technical exposure apply to Karate Kids classes. However the content, aims and methods are modified to be appropriate for children and teens.

We support shy kids to learn to speak out, boisterous kids to learn to discipline themselves, and for all to become more respectful and courteous inside and outside the training environment (dojo).

The karate kids curriculum is sport-based, plus basic self defence techniques appropriate for their age.

Karate kids are trained to develop a high level of skill in non-contact sport karate. When it is time to hit something, we hit punch bags and impact bags. However, our Karate kids are trained and encouraged not to hit or hurt others.

Classes are conducted by Paul Tomassini, 7th Dan black belt, with over 35 years of karate teaching experience, including 25 years with “Karate Kids” 6-12 years of age.

Karate for Adults

Adult Karate

We run Adult classes in Glen Waverley from beginners to senior Black Belts ages 16-70 years. We currently have 18 practising Black Belts both men and women.

Karate girls sitting back to back

Karate Should Make Better People

High-level training in martial arts involves learning both simple and complex ways of besting (a.k.a disabling or harming) one’s opponent or attacker. The best atmosphere to practise this is to also work at cultivating self discipline, care for others, and self mastery. 

As martial arts practitioners we use physical training to become better people. Our club’s aims to tie in with these centuries-old ideals.

Black belt grading

Effective Techniques

The club has had access to some of the foremost practitioners on the globe to help our students achieve the above three outcomes. We work towards making the club a collection of good people from all walks of life practising extremely effective martial arts techniques transmitted through centuries of tradition, developing stronger, pliable and conditioned bodies to perform these technical skills.

Effective karate techniques

Direct Links to Great Masters

Heiko Ryu is a Goju Ryu karate school, drawn from two GojuRyu lineages, tracing two rich teaching lines. The first lineage is GojuKensha, founded by Ohtsuka Tadahiko Hanshi in Japan. The second lineage followed since 2011 involves the teachings of Taira Masaji Hanshi, a world-famous GojuRyu master derived from the Jundokan school in Okinawa.

Our operations and club activities are based in Glen Waverley and Keysborough in Melbourne, Australia; with links established with various Goju organisations throughout Australasia.

Black belts

Best Karate

We try to follow Best Karate practice which we think should involve:

  • Developing practitioners into better people. Within the club, this involves a link to the traditional values of “budo”.
  • Cultivating effective and time-tested engagement practices, whether in modern sport orientation or the older close-quarter engagement; or even through study of Ching-dynasty precursor systems of BaiHechuan and LoHanChuan.
  • Development of the physical capacities of practitioners through training.

Kids training karate